The Ministry of Education and Science has published the Resolution of the General Secretariat of Universities to grant the Mention towards Excellence to the IUMA Doctoral Program. The Mention towards Excellence aims to recognize the scientific, technical and training solvency of PhD programs in Spanish universities. Doctoral programs that obtain a Mention towards Excellence will become part of a group of programs that will be made public and will be an international landmark for its performance and results.

In agreement with the announcement, the period of validity of the Mention will be for the academic years 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, and its validity will cease in the case that program is no longer being offered during the period of validity or for other causes that could lead to a follow-up report that may result in the extinction of the Mention towards Excellence.

The list of programs that have been honored with this Mention will be added to the Integrated University Information System-SIIU, in which any updated information related to such mentions will be recorded.

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