The Institute was created as an advanced teaching and research centre, with theoretical and practical specialization in the Science and Microelectronic Technology field, and in its applications to engineering and industrial technology, computer systems and telecommunications. Its main objective is to train researchers and to plan, promote and carry out research activities related to Microelectronic Technology along with basic support areas such as Mathematics, Applied Physics and Electricity and in the areas that receive its applications such as Computing, Automation, Telematics and Telecommunications.
Some of the InstituteĀ“s goals are to:

1. Promote, organize and plan research objectives in the different fields of Microelectronic Technology and its applications.
2. Carry out its own research activities and collaborate with other public or private entities.
3. Disseminate research and studies, through its own initiative or in coordination with publishers, journals or other media, or by means of conferences, seminars, congresses, talks and meetings, both nationally and internationally.
4. Establish permanent relationships with other Research Centres and Institutes also involved in Microelectronic Technology and its applications.
5. Transfer and exchange results and information of research work with other public or private entities.
6. Establish relationships with companies and public entities in order to promote technical advice and to encourage the implementation of projects coordinated for development in the aforementioned fields or in related sectors.
7. Encourage the training and development of staff specialized in teaching and research in the fields previously mentioned.
8. Organize and promote study seminars, doctorate courses or other activities of a similar nature related to its research field, along with joint curricular programs with other Spanish or foreign universities or firms.
9. Provide an appropriate means of obtaining external resources which will contribute to the funding of research activities.
10. Act as a focus of attraction for national and foreign scientists of recognized prestige to spend a period at the Institute, to finalize work already in progress, to initiate new projects, and to plan projects in conjunction with institutions abroad and with other Institutes, Centres and Departments within our University.

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