IUMA management team is composed by:

  • Director: Prof. A. Núñez
  • Deputy Director: Prof. J.F. López
  • Secretary: Prof. P. Pérez-Carballo

Additionally, IUMA is structured in 6 different divisions which are the entities in charge of producing research and development:

  • Integrated Systems Design Division (ISD), lead by Prof. R. Sarmiento
  • Information Technology Division (IT), lead by Prof. F. de la Puente
  • Microelectronics Technology Division (MT), lead by Prof. A. Hernández
  • Control Systems and CAD Tools division (SiCAD), lead by Prof. A. Vega
  • Communications Division (COM), lead by Prof. R. Esper-chaín
  • Microsystems Division (MEMS), lead by Prof. J.A. Montiel
  • Mathematics, Graphics and Computing (MAGiC), lead by Prof. J.P. Suárez

All the divisions have plenty autonomy in order to conduct their areas of research They also participate in the educational tasks of the institute, mainly the Master on Telecommunication Technology and the Doctorate in Telecommunication Technology.

The management team, together with the responsible of each of the research divisions, constitute the Executive Committee of the Institute, which meets four times a year in order to adopt decisions related to the center’s direction and its budget.  

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