IUMA is a research and development center with different areas of interest with a common link: the information and communication technologies. The research areas depend on the 6 divisions.


RESEARCH AREA 1. Communication Systems

Short description: Biosensors, mobile applications & wireless sensor networks (WSN) .

Senior researchers: Dr. Roberto Esper-Chaín, Dr. Juan Domingo Sandoval, Dr. José Ramón Sendra.

RESEARCH AREA 2. Integrated Systems Design

Short description: Integrated systems for multimedia applications; integrated systems for communications; integrated systems for space applications

Senior researchers: Dr. Roberto Sarmiento, Dr. José Fco. López, Dr. Valentín de Armas, Dr. Félix Tobajas, Dr. Sebastián López, Dr. Gustavo Marrero, Dra. Ernestina Martel.

RESEARCH AREA 3. Mathematics, Graphics and Computation

Short description: mesh generation and refinement algorithms; computational geometry and geometric design; generalized fibonacci sequences; graphic engineering, modeling and CAD; geodesic engineering and geo-spatial applications.

Senior researchers: Dr. José P. Suárez Rivero, Dr. Angel Plaza de la Hoz, Dr. Miguel Angel Padrón Medina, Dr. Sergio Falcón Santana.


Short description: System/microsystems optimization, Applications and design of systems based on GPS, Galileo and GLONASS, micro-switches, Microsystems.

Senior researchers: Dr. J.A. Montiel, Dr. Carlos Javier Sosa, Dr. José Carlos García, Dr. Santiago García-Alonso, Dr. José Miguel Monzón, Dr. Francisco Jorge Santana.

 RESEARCH AREA 5. Control Systems, CAD and Computational Geometry

Short description: Embedded systems, control systems, equipment integration, prototyping, ecoelectronics, modeling and implementation of Systems on Chip, embedded systems and industrial systems.

Senior researchers: Dr. Aurelio Vega, Dr. Antonio Núñez, Dr. Ángel Plaza, Dr. María del Pilar Abad, Dr. Tomás Bautista, Dr. Sergio Falcón, Dr. Miguel A. Padrón, Dr. José Pablo Suárez, Dr. Alfonso Medina, Carlos Betancor, Juan M. Cerezo, Manuel F. Enríquez, Pedro Hernández, Nieves Gloria Hernández, Sonia León, Jorge E. Monagas, Pedro P. Carballo, Juan Manuel Sosa, Eduardo Vega.

RESEARCH AREA 6. Information Technology

Short description: Collaborative and semantic recommendation systems applied to multimedia content distribution and tourism; Publicity directed to final users in web applications; Social networks and web 2.0 applied to diverse industrial sectors; Augmented reality in mobile devices; Security in electronic banking; Programming language and compilers.

Senior researchers: Dr. Fernando de la Puente, Dr. José María Quinteiro, Dr. Javier Miranda, Dr. Luis Hernández, Dr. Francisco Guerra, Dr. Pablo Hernández

 RESEARCH AREA 7. Microelectronics Technology

Short description: Design, measurement, characterization and modeling on integrated components for RF applications, integrated systems design for GPS, WiFi, Ultra Wide Band, TDT.

Senior researchers: Dr. Antonio Hernández, Dr. Benito Gonzáles, Dr. Javier A. García, Dr. Javier del Pino, Dr. Sunil Lalchand, Dr. Margarita Marrero, José Cabrera.

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