The Master in Telecomunication Technologies (MTT) offered by IUMA Research Institute of ULPGC is now open for preregistration of new students. This Master's Program covers a first year -preliminary period- for the Doctoral Program in Telecomunication Technologies and Computational Engineering (t2ic) also offered by IUMA. The Master's and Doctoral Programs have received the Quality and Excellence labels -respectively- from the Ministry of Education and Universities of Spain. Pregistration starts on June 15th and registration opens on July 15th. A second pregistration period opens on July 3rd and the corresponding registration period opens on October 24th. Documents and admission requirements need to be filed on October 24th, and in some special cases on October 31st. IUMA Master's degree is a MSc Engineering degree (7 EQF level) with direct and priviliged access to the IUMA doctoral program (8 EQF level). MTT is a two semester 60 ECTS credit program and starts on September 10th 2018 and ends on June 28th 2019, with three time windows for MSc's thesis dissertaton in
June, July and September 2019. Registration in the Doctoral Program starts in October.


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