IUMA has recently obtained from the Dirección General de Investigación Científica y Técnica, Subdirección General de Fondos Europeos para la Investigación, Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (MINECO), a project to fostering the infrastructures and scientific-technical equipment, from the State Scientific Infrastructure and Equipment Subprogram. The project is entitled "Hyperspectral acquisition system of high spatial and spectral resolution images" (UNLP13-3E-2211), whose Principal Investigator is Gustavo Marrero Callicó. This project has been financed with FEDER funds and thanks to this project it has been possible to increase the laboratory equipment for the acquisition and processing of hyper-spectral images.

 This infrastructure project has provided the laboratory with the following equipment:
1- On the part of the company Álava-Ingenieros that provides SWIR camera (Short Wave Infrared):

  • A Headwall Hyperspec SWIR hyperspectral camera.kit HeadwallHeadwall
  • A set Headwall Hyperspec Starter Kit (mechanical linear scanning system, clamping system, lighting system and carrying case) for SWIR hyperspectral camera.
  • A 16mm lens SWIR Optec.
  • A set of software libraries (SDK) for the hyperspectral camera.
  • A software license model Headwall Hyperspec III.
  • A processing unit for SWIR hyperspectral camera. Intel® Xeon ™ microprocessor E5 2620v3 - 6C / 12T.
  • A calibration kit for hyperspectral images, ZenithTM Lite model calibration target.
  • A wavelengths calibration kit model Spectralon® Calibrated Diffuse Reflectance Standars Wavelenght calibration Kit.

2. On the part of the company Bonsai that provides the VNIR camera (Visual and Near Infrared):

  • Hyperspectral camera VNIR Cubert UHD285 Snapshot.Cubert
  • Objective FOV camera UHD285 20cm -30cm.
  • Objective FOV camera UHD285 2m -2.5m.
  • Camera Control Software UHD285.
  • Tripod Manfroto Video Head.
  • Convertible Laptop Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 20DQ0037SP 15 DQ. Intel Core i7-5500U (2c; 4t), 2.4GHz (turbo 3GHz).
  • A cold Light Source Laboratory.
  • Carrying dedicated case Pelikan UHD285.

The hyperspectral imaging acquisition system will allow acquiring the spectral signatures of different materials, allowing much more accurate classification than that obtained using conventional cameras. These technologies are at the forefront of major international research centers and recently are starting to incorporate their benefits in local industries.

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