Doctoral Programme in telecommunication technologies and computer engineering was created as the integration of the two programs active for years at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria that have demonstrated levels of quality and excellence: (1) PhD in telecommunication technologies, linked to the Institute of Applied Microelectronics (IUMA) and (2) PhD in numerical applications in engineering and intelligent systems ascribed to the Institute of Intelligent Systems and Numerical Applications in Engineering (SIANI). The grouping of these two programs increases the capacity to develop major projects, strengthening the interdisciplinary nature and enhancing linkages with other R&D actors. The PhD program is intended for the training of doctors in the areas of telecommunication technologies, intelligent systems and numerical engineering applications. This proposal consolidates the activity of both research teams. The programme includes the following specific areas:

  • Telecommunication technologies
    • Biosensors.
    • RFICs.
    • Systems on chip.
    • Embedded systems.
    • Integrated systems for Multimedia.
    • Electromechanical Micro and Nano systems.
    • Development of wireless applications.
  • Computer engineering
    • Application of numerical analysis in engineering.
    • Learning automatic and data mining.
    • Energy and thermal engineering.
    • Nets and computational geometry.
    • Modelling of complex systems in continuous media.
    • Modelling, analysis, simulation and development of intelligent systems.
    • Distributed systems.
    • Numerical simulation and optimization techniques.