A fully integrated dual-band LNA with switched loads

Title: A fully integrated dual-band LNA with switched loads
Authors: H. García-Vázquez, S.L. Khemchandani, D. Ramos-Valido, J. del Pino
Journal name: Microwave and Optical Technology Letters

A fully integrated dual-band low noise amplifier (LNA) is presented. The proposed circuit combines a wideband input impedance matching with switched resonant circuits’ loads at the output. As the tuning mechanism is placed at the output of the LNA and no input reconfiguration is needed, the noise contribution is minimized. Experimental results from a test chip prototype in BiCMOS 0.35-µm technology are shown that validate the proposed circuit. The designed two-band amplifier provides a gain of 13 and 11 dB at 1.8 and 2.4 GHz, respectively, with a noise figure of 3.8 and 4.1 dB while drawing 16 mW from a 3.3-V supply.

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